REVIEW: 26th Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners

Today I took a short trip over to the Duderstadt Center Gallery to witness the opening night of the 26th Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners. I invited my mom with me as well for some bonding time and a free car ride. There were guest speakers at the event, but unfortunately, I arrived too late for that. Nonetheless, all the pieces were still a sight to behold!

The art displayed was impressive, with both 2D portraits and 3D models. There were a few acrylic paintings that really held me entranced. The colors were so vibrant and the landscape was fairy-like. Then, something my mom really liked was the section featuring wildlife art. They were done in so many different styles, it was amazing to see the varying approaches. There were also Hulk models made out of toilet paper. 

As a whole, the event was fairly successful, based on the audience outcome. The lively atmosphere was definitely energizing. Luckily, the exhibit continues till April 5th, and each day seems to have its own unique segment. For instance, on the 26th there will be a public tour and critique writing, and the 27th has an artist panel at the Chrysler Center on North Campus. You can also purchase some artwork; the proceeds will go to the families of the artists. 

Overall, it was a fun and chill event that you all should check out. It goes on till April 5th!


Suparna Hande is a sophomore majoring in Creative Writing & Literature and Asian Studies (Japanese). She loves reading, particularly comic books. She also enjoys playing the violin and taking morning runs. Also check out her series on arts, ink., Sagas Among the Arcana -

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