REVIEW: Helicon’s Synesthesia

Friday night’s Synesthesia was the first Helicon event I’ve attended, so I had no idea what to expect – which is usually the most interesting way to enter into an art show. It was what I can only describe as a down-the-rabbit-hole experience; from walking in the door, past crowds of people, art was found in the corners stairwells, in the basement, in the attic. At one point, I wasn’t sure if I was standing in line for the bathroom or for an art installation. Not only did I double take at the art, but at UM faculty milling about past students: not an everyday occurrence outside of the classroom, at 10 p.m. on a Friday night. Synesthesia featured the work of dozens of students; mediums ranged from sculpture to photography, from painting to video installation.

Image from @umicharts

The space itself was immersive; as I stood looking at sculptures in a basement where exposed cement walls and open staircases were not an artistic design choice, I began to fear for the strength of the structure as I could hear every footstep and movement above me. The element and adventure of risk became a theme as I climbed past people up steep stairs not equipped for a dual-flow of traffic. As I sat on the floor of an attic, staring at an image projected onto a sheet asking myself when the show was going to begin or when the technical support was going to arrive, I realized it already the show had already begun. The fuzzy image on the screen was the art, the music in the back the focus. It was then I began to question whether or not I am equipped to “get” art. Regardless, my favorite piece of the night, a readymade (which is the embodiment of comedy gold in the art world; an artist with a sense of humor) consisting of a Virgin Mary figurine titled Abstinence. Lesson learned: you do need to be literate in the ways of painting/drawing/sculpting to be considered an artist, merely innovative.

Image from @umicharts

If Synesthesia intended to create an experience, an art piece in itself, it succeeded. At one point, while standing in a hallway waiting for a mass of people to pass by, a person crawled out from behind a black sheet, pulling themselves up from what I can only hope was a work of experiential art. Some say you can find yourself through art; if this holds true, I’ve come to find I am the equivalent of a suburban mom of the art world. I may not understand what’s going on, but I am so ready to cheer on every student out there making, creating, and putting their work and themselves out there.

Preview: Women’s Glee Club

The Women’s Glee Club Concert is tomorrow! This will be the second time I’ve been to a concert of theirs, and I’m really looking forward to it. The last time I went, I didn’t know what to expect, since I don’t attend choral concerts often, and I enjoyed myself very much. I have a few friends in the club, and I know they do really good work, so I can’t wait to see what they sing tomorrow. I’m also excited to hear the other choir they will be singing with, since I believe logistical issues prevented that from happening the last time.

The concert is Saturday, November 19, at 8pm in Hill Auditorium. Tickets are $5 for students and can be purchased at the door.

PREVIEW: Helicon’s Synesthesia


UM’s campus is hardly lacking for artistic talent. In its varying forms, students are quick to represent their abilities. Helicon, the History of Art Undergraduate Society, will be giving a space to such talent and displaying student curated and student made art in a one night only pop-up exhibition titled: Synesthesia. The event is open to any and all looking to check out some art in a cool and casual setting.

Synesthesia will be taking place on November 18, 8-11 p.m. at 504 Catherine St.



If you’re an indecisive appreciator of art, or an enthusiast of all forms, the upcoming SMTD@UMMA performance, Image in Motion, is for you. In this collaboration between the Department of Dance and the University of Michigan Museum of Art, U-M Dance students will use UMMA’s new exhibit Europe on Paper as inspiration for the performance. The Europe on Paper collection features the work of German and Austrian Expressionist painters; dancers will interpret the works’ emotion and color through movement.

These two artistic modes lie close to my heart, and based on past STMD@UMMA performances, the beauty of UMMA’s gallery space only further brings SMTD work to life. This marriage of artistic forms is happening Thursday, November 17 at 7:30 in UMMA, and is free and open to the public.

REVIEW: Battle Espresso Royale-Comco

The line to get into the show
The line to get into the show

I knew I was in the right place for yesterday’s Comco performance because of the gently rumbling din of voices in the distance. The line to get into the auditorium snaked around the corner and into the lobby, despite us having arrived over a half an hour early.  By the time my friend and I made it inside, there wasn’t a seat to be found. We ended up leaning against a wall for the entire performance while even more students packed into the aisles.  Even less-than-ideal “seats” couldn’t take away from how fun the performance was. I can’t remember a favorite skit or moment from the night, because I was laughing the entire time! At one point in the show I even shed a tear or two, it was genuinely that funny.

In the long run, the large crowd added to the excitement in the room.  Audience members were reacting to the jokes and shouting out suggestions with gusto.  For their part, the cast of Comco gave a wonderful performance, keeping the mood light and fun the entire hour and a half, bouncing off each other quick-wittedly, and recovering easily from the few jokes that fell flat.  For those who missed the performance, there is another one coming up December 9th, ready to give you that last jolt of energy right before finals!  To keep up with the latest updates from Comco, checkout their Facebook page, .


PREVIEW: Battle Espresso Royal- Comco

We could all take a cue from the age-old-adage “laughter is the best medicine.” After a long, long week14976815_10154609894388818_6795676064434312967_o of stresses and woes, loosen up and laugh for a bit with one of the University’s oldest and most well developed comedy groups, Comco, as they present Battle Espresso Royal. For those who have never attended an improv comedy show before, it’s a spontaneous, one-of-a-kind performance that features talented actors and comedians bouncing off one another with a quick wit and good comedic timing.

The show will be in Angell Hall Auditorium A starting at 8 PM Tomorrow, November 11th. Tickets are only $2 at the door, so for the price of a Starbuck’s (or Espresso Royale!) latte bring a friend or two and take some time to laugh together.