Review: It’s A Wonderful Life with Virginia Patton ( Actress actually from the 1946 film)

Well, it was amazing! Mrs. Virginia Patton Moss was a very magnetic and warm speaker. She gave an introduction about Frank Capra and having met him. I didn’t know this, but Frank Capra came to the United States at the age of 6 from Sicily. He couldn’t speak any English when he came here. The man even worked his way through Grammar school, High School, and College! I don’t know how many people can say that! Anyway, Mrs. Patton Moss explained that she had met Jimmy Stewart and that they had rehearsed their scene together. In it, she was his sister in-law.. which was unknownst to Jimmy Stewart’s character because his brother telegrammed him saying it was a surprise—which was her!! The main thing Mrs. Patton Moss spoke in regards to her role was that she was dressed in the outfit of a married woman. That is she had the hat, the suit, and gloves! But her character was suppose to eat popcorn.. and in those days you didn’t eat popcorn with gloves on! So, she told us, she gave in and probably started a new trend by eating popcorn with gloves on!! She also went onto explain that she wanted a family so she left Hollywood to start a family. One day her young son saw her in the movie, and was crying about why someone else besides Daddy was kissing Mommy!! Other than that she rang a bell at the end of her talk, and congratulated Frank Capra on getting his wings!

The only issue of this event is not being able to see her afterwards. In previous years, she went on to sign autographs! Plus, I suppose I would have liked to hear more about working with Jimmy Stewart or being an actress in the Hollywood Industry; That is if she liked it and how she felt to be in Hollywood in those Iconic days!! But I guess, it wasn’t a talk about her life in Hollywood and more about the film and her connection to it. Nevertheless, it was a good event to go to and I am happy I went!!

It’s A Wonderful Life with Virginia Patton ( Actress actually from the 1946 film) Preview:

This is an amazing perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity!! Everyone knows the film, It’s A Wonderful Life, right? The film is considered the paradigm for a great, and well-received Christmas movie! But how many of you have actually seen any of the actors up close? Well, this is one of the few opportunities any of us might have to see an actor who starred in a film from the 1940’s.. and one who starred in a movie as classical as this. So go and don’t miss this incredible actress.. and at the same time, see a It’s A Wonderful Life for free!!!!