Preview: Halloween Band Masquerade at The Blind Pig

It’s that time of the year when Ann Arbor is abuzz again with events taking over every minute of Halloween Weekend. The 7th Annual Band Masquerade is happening at The Blind Pig with five local bands performing covers of some of the most popular rock songs and artists of all time. Well, we all dress as our favorite characters and go around town, so these immensely talented artists decided to dress like their favorite bands! I am extremely excited for this event as I’ve heard these artists for years, wished to be teleported to the 70s and every time I listen to either of these, I get the chills – and this is perfect for the season of spooks, chills and thrills! Feel The Pigs and the Dogs as you take your trip up the Stairway to Heaven and take a Bullet in the Head because IT’S HALLOWEEN TIME! (if you don’t get these references, please take time to listen to a few of their songs or make your way to The Blind Pig because you are seriously missing out on some amazing music)

The line up for the night will be:

-PINK FLOYD’S “Animals” album as performed by Counter Cosby & Friends

-LED ZEPPELIN as performed by Scissor Now!

-RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE as performed by Volcano Worshippers Hour!

-THE KINKS as performed by Cyrano Jones

-BJORK as performed by Junglefowl

This event is 18+ so bring all your friends and a valid ID for entry. Amazing wigs, trippy costumes and costumes are absolutely encouraged to get a blast of the past and well, have the most fabulous time jamming to this music. Come say hi to the girl in a Sriracha sauce costume if you spot me there! Tickets are $11 for 18+ and $8 for 21+.

You can find out more about the event on Facebook


PREVIEW: Midnight Madness


Still need to do your holiday shopping? Great! This Friday night, November 30th, down town is open late! This is Ann Arbor’s version of Black Friday: all stores, galleries, and restaurants  have extended hours and huge sales. Some of the catchiest deals are 10% off at The Ann Arbor Art Center, 20% off everything at Crazy Wisdom, 20% off at The Himalayan Bizarre, plus several fitness bargains at places like Sun-Moon Yoga and Barre Bee Fit. Extended happy hours at most bars and discounts of certain dishes. Most stores are open til midnight, but get there before the best things are gone!

Some of the top art galleries/art shops to check out are The Ann Arbor Art Center, Falling Water, Four Directions, Ten Thousand Villages, ABRACADABRA Jewelry/Gem gallery, and Crazy Wisdom. Many stores will offer holiday snacks while you shop. For example, Downtown Home and Garden will be roasting chestnuts and The Ann Arbor Art Center will be hosting (un)Corked, a wine tasting hour in collaboration with The Produce Station (7 pm, purchase tickets in advance). Street performances will include Center Stage Quartet, Melissa Bruzanno, and U of M’s very own Element One break dance group and Women’s Glee Club. And, a likely performance from the wolf-masked man who often stands on the corner and plays the violin. Also, Santa will apparently be roaming the streets, but I think that element isn’t geared toward us college kids….

This is a very celebratory way to support the local economy, get your holiday shopping done, check out the art available down town, AND have a night out before finals.  Click here to get a full list of vendors and discounts. Whether on Main Street, Liberty, or Fourth and Fifth Avenues, you are bound to find some great deals!