Review: Space Jam – SOLD OUT!!!

Before the film started one of the ushers at The State Theater told the audience “We had to convince our booker to show this film, he didn’t think anyone would come. We’ve had to turn 50 people away tonight!” The audience of late-night moviegoers cheered in various states of sobriety.

State Theater Saturday midnights are really quite an experience, especially with a film as iconic and ridiculous as Space Jam. There was no moment without the sound of laughter, callbacks to the screen with many “That’s what she said” moments. People quoted lines, heckled actors and athletes, and most importantly sang along with the timeless sound track of 1996 popular culture.

Space Jam is a hilarious, ridiculous and somewhat scandalous film about Michael Jordan, cartoon aliens and the Looney Tunes! (Oh and of course Bill Murray)

Space Jam

The audience cheered, booed and laughed together for 88 minutes. Some of us relived our first time seeing Space Jam in the theaters in ’96, others harkened back to the first time their lives were altered by this film.

If you have never witnessed the phenomenon that is Space Jam, get a bunch of friends together, gather some popcorn, Furbies, Pogs and push pops, maybe some treasure trolls, pigtails with butterfly hairclips, and press play.


For future Saturday midnights go to The State Theater’s website.

Preview: The Drop – CLOSES THURSDAY Sept. 18


Written by Dennis Lehane (Mystic River, Shutter Island, The Wire), the new crime-drama ‘The Drop’ examines Brooklyn bars that act as ‘money drops’ for local gangsters. Bartender Bob Saginowski (Tom Hardy) finds himself in the middle of a robbery gone wrong. He and his boss/ cousin Marve (James Gandolfini) are drawn into an investigation that looks into the past of the Brooklyn neighborhood.

Starring Tom Hardy (Bronson, The Dark Knight Rises), Noomi Rapace (Prometheus, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) and James Gandolfini (The Sopranos, True Romance).

“The Drop” is showing at The State Theater and theaters nearby only until Thursday 18 September.

Review: Magic in the Moonlight – Leaves Something to be Desired.


Woody Allen’s most recent film clips along at a brisk pace, leaving some viewers in the dust.
Starring Colin Firth (Stanley) and Emma Stone (Sophie), ‘Magic in the Moonlight’ has many humorous moments, beautiful cinematography and a fitting soundtrack, as one would expect from director/writer Woody Allen (Annie Hall, Manhattan, Blue Jasmine).

Set in 1928, ‘Magic in the Moonlight’ follows world-renowned magician Stanley as he attempts to debunk the telepathic talents of a young American from Kalamazoo Michigan, Sophie at the request of fellow childhood friend and magician Howard Burkan (Simon McBurney).

A majority of the film takes place on the French coast where Allen uses his cinematic talents when capturing the majestic landscape and lengthy panning shots of Firth driving on the winding roads.
The script, although witty and well structured cinematically, progresses at a rapid pace, which leaves the audience feeling like they might have missed something. Firth’s character is short changed with a rapid, unexplained shift in personality and appreciation of Sophie.

Allen is known for his quick-witted dialogue and plot sequences. Unfortunately he went overboard with the scatter-brained quirky wit when executing this particular project.

Magic in the Moonlight is currently showing a The State Theater in Ann Arbor.

REVIEW: Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook

For months, the word on everyone’s lips has been “Silver Linings Playbook.” As far back as  Thanksgiving break, my friends had been advising me to see it. I missed my chance because it left theaters, but after the big Oscar buzz struck, the film reappeared on the silver screen and is now playing at The State Theater. For the first time in….decades (?), all four major acting categories draw nods from one film: Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress. With that knowledge in mind, I had high expectations for the film. And yes! It absolutely met my expectations, and exceded them.

Its hard to decide who I fell more in love with, JLaw or BCoop, as my celebrity-savvy  housemate might call the duo. Bradley Cooper’s character, Pat,  has recently been released from a mental institution after serving a sentence for reacting violently to his wife unfaithfulness. In the process of recovery, he discovers that he suffers from far more severe personality disorders, which he inherited from his father- a relationship that still challenges him upon his return home. As he re-integrates into his former lifestyle, he struggles to forget his wife, but in the process discovers a love that is far more passionate and whole hearted.

Jennifer Lawrence’s character plays Tiffany, an equally wounded but independent and caring character who helps Pat get back on  his feet by teaching him to dance- literally (and figuratively I suppose). In the process she falls in love with him and waits for him to come around and realize how very much in love he also is with her. The chemistry between them is very natural but also electric. (I will add here that it is, indeed, a great movie date if you are looking for a way to celebrate Valentine’s day. I noticed  a good number of couples in the crowd).

The film did a very refined job of telling an atypical story while maintaing a sense of realism. It was about family, struggle, finding love, letting it go, and keeping it without getting too crazy. These characters were very familiar; it was not a period piece or a computerized fantasy story- often the winners of Oscar awards. The acting was  so real, so believable, and so authentic- that surely  is why this film has garnered so much praise. One particularly touching and truthful scene was when Robert Deniro,  an aging father, opens to his son for the first time about his love for him and his mistakes as a parent. I was moved  and nearly found myself in tears as well!

My favorite part about this movie was that I went by myself. If you’ve ever avoided going to a movie by yourself because you fear it will be uncomfortable and pitiful, the way a solo restauteur sometimes appears, I highly recommend you revamp your opinions. Going to moveis by myself is the most therapeutic alone time I can think of! I was so happy to spend my Monday evening watching this adorable movie. It’s only in Ann Arbor for the week, so get yourself to the theater- with or without a date!