Review: Bob Dylan – A True American Icon

In a time when it becomes hard to look at your own culture and find pride because all you see is fast food and bad TV, an American legend can still restore your hope. Bob Dylan, icon of the counterculture movement of the 1960’s, performed tonight at Hill Auditorium. Though I come from a different generation (and I assume the same is true for you), I can still respect the effect he had on our nation’s youth. I could actually see it tonight in the packed, sold out auditorium, with the majority of the guests being from the Flower Power generation. Even after all of these years, they still come out to see a man who’s touring hasn’t ended since the 80’s. That is an impression.

“Who is Bob Dylan?” is a question I’ve heard a few times recently, which is really just sad (though of course I didn’t know any songs that he sang until recently soooooo…). And the really sad thing is that even if the people asking this question had gone tonight, they would still not understand. You see, because Bob’s voice has been going bad for a while now; after years of smoking and drinking it happens. Going to this concert without any background of his influence, one might wonder why the tickets cost so much. But really, it’s Bob Dylan. There is no price on one of the major musical influences in American history.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Many of the songs I recognized and learned that Bob is the person that sings them, such as Highway 65. The crowd was great; so much screaming and love going out there that the atmosphere was perfect for Dylan’s appearance on stage. He sang a full concert and switched between keyboard, guitar, and harmonica. He’s still so talented with each of the instruments, and the band was awesome. Great stage presence and excellent, excellent playing.

This experience is definitely something that I will never regret. I feel like by seeing him, I have actually been part of history. It’s a difficult feeling to explain and not sound crazy. It’s just that we learn about this artist in history classes, see his image reproduced, and hear his name thrown around casually. And I got to see him. He is still around, and still performing, and I got the chance to see him. So basically, it was amazing.

I don’t even know what else to say…I mean it’s BOB DYLAN! I think that pretty much sums up anything I could possibly say.

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