PREVIEW: Jennifer Holms

Children’s author Jennifer Holms will be giving a lecture at 5:10pm in the UMMA Helmut Stern Auditorium on Thursday, March 29th. Having grown up inspired by her quirky characters, like May Amelia, Jennifer Holm was one of my favorite authors growing up. She received a Newbery Honor for Our Only May Amelia and is also the author of the Babymouse series, The Creek, and several other novels that have capture the hearts of her young readers. My favorite series by her when I was first really getting into reading was the Boston Jane series. I remember there was some sort of love intrigue in the novel, and I felt like it was the first “romance” novel I’d ever read. I still can visualize where I would place all the Boston Jane books, carefully arranged in chronological order, on my book shelf as a kid.

So, definitely come hear Jennifer Holms speak – I’m sure it will be interesting. Her success as a children’s author is entirely admirable. Hope to see you there!