REVIEW: Pre-Hash Bash EDM Concert On the Diag

For better or for worse, this is the kind of event that depends on good weather to draw maximum crowds. With the cold, rainy weather that turned into a full rainstorm every 45 minutes, the weather was not ripe for large crowds on the Diag.

Not the largest crowd
Not the largest crowd

Despite the drizzle and the smaller than expected crowd, the music was nevertheless full of energy. The concert kicked off with Ann Arbor natives Brahj and currently based in Detroit. Everything they make is golden, and seeing them perform, however briefly, was the highlight of the night.

Even better, they’re offering a free single through Soundcloud right now. It sounds better live, but the mp3 is still fantastic.

One of my favorite things about EDM is that it’s easy and fun to listen to regardless of the artist. While each DJ has a specific sound and feel, there’s always a beat to dance to–and it’s usually infectious. Despite the cold, I found myself tapping along to the beat, shaking my head along with the others wearing their fluorescent gear.

The concert finished with Aash Mehta, who had a mellower sound than the others. This proved to be a perfect finish to the night, as I was tired and it was time to slip into pajamas. While Odesza was not at the concert (sadly), there was a nice remix of an Odesza piece. You can find this on Soundcloud, which I highly recommend.

Hash Bash EDM


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