Still Alice Preview

According to, a website dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease, as of 2015 5.3 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. Less than 200,000 of that number have early onset Alzheimer’s. The movie Still Alice is the story of one person who has this disease.
Alice is brilliant Columbia University professor ( And might I add played brilliantly by Julianne Moore) whose life unravels because of this monstrous ailment. She is unable to remember words when she lectures; she is unable to find her way around the house to the bathroom, and eventually she is unable to speak. Her life takes so many twists and turns it is heart wrenching.
But this movie shows us the power of the human spirit as Alice, does the best she can to fight her disease, and uses as many tactics that she can to fight her disease.
I understand that it is close to Finals season for many of us, so perhaps watching a woman losing her memory isn’t the most uplifting movie. But, if you are interested in seeing a woman fight for herself, her mind, and her family- then this is the movie. This movie is after all about strength, resolve, and determination- in the face of life’s troubles; and that type of inspiration is something we can use- at any time.


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