REVIEW: Patriot’s Day

I was sitting at my dining room table doing homework when I heard. I had taken a break to check Facebook when I saw that 2 explosions had gone off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. At the time I was very saddened and scared as I watched the television coverage of the bombing, the injured, and the dead. However, unlike most people, who slowly forgot as time passed, this particular bombing stayed with me and affected me more as time went on.

At the time of the bombing I had recently received my 3rd knee surgery and the doctors had told me I would never run again. Fast forward to today, and I have run 2 marathons and am very passionate about running. One of the things that effects me the most is that the Boston Marathon is the only public marathon that you have to qualify for. I would consider myself a fast marathon runner, but the Boston Marathon is a race that I may only be able to dream about racing. That is what I think is lost on some of the general public. The runners on this day are elite runners for their age group. The bomb wasn’t set off at a regular marathon, which still would have been catastrophic, but it was set off at the Boston Marathon, targeting not only the innocent bystanders but also runners who had spent months training not only to run this race but also months of hard training for the race where they qualified. For someone who is a runner, Boston is a dream, and on that day many dreams were shattered for families, spectators, and racers.


Patriot’s Day is about the 2013 bombing at the Boston Marathon. We see much of the tragic event through the eyes of Tommy Saunders, a fictional policeman created specifically for the film. Specifically we see the events of that infamous day as well as the long manhunt and investigation of the bombers.


This movie does an excellent job with pace. From the time of the bombing till the last bomber is caught, a span of 3 days is covered. In those three days a lot happens strictly with research and the processing of information within an office; yet, Patriot’s Day does an excellent job at keeping these times suspenseful and full of emotion. Furthermore, the cinematography plays well into the events being shown. The portrayal of the bombing is permeated with shaky shots including a shot where the camera falls to the ground. The chaos is visually apparent as the camera is jolted around and splattered with blood. This same style is apparent again in the shootout later in the movie. The camera work brilliantly and unapologetically shows the fear and the gore associated with the event.

Even for someone who was very familiar with the events that happened back in 2013, I was still surprised multiple times while watching the movie. So much is shown from behind the scenes of the investigation that I had no idea was going on. Patriots Day will undoubtedly give you a new important perspective on the bombings, no matter your previous knowledge of the event.


Even while cringing and letting tears fill your eyes you will not want to look away from the dramatic investigation. Patriots Day works so well as an intense, climactic piece that you will forget you are watching true events unfold. The mixture of real and recreated footage serves as tough reminder that real people lived through this horror. Overall the strong acting and unique camera work makes this movie an important must-see.

Maximilian Darr

Maximilian is a senior in the School of Information. He is studying UX Design and is hoping to find a job soon. In his free time he loves to write, run, watch movies, and play video games

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