PREVIEW: Takács Quartet (UMS Digital Presentation)

This week from October 21st-24th, UMS will be streaming a digital performance of the Takács quartet in concert. This free on demand performance will include string quartet works by Florence Price, Mozart, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Bartok and Debussy. The quartet has selected single movements to record from each piece that embody the character and flair of the composer, instead of the typical entire string quartet format. Having originally been scheduled for a live UMS performance this fall, the Takács have embraced the digital music platform and have created a performance that I am excited to tune into this week. In addition to this performance, there is also a conversation (available on demand) between Professor Kira Thurman and Takács violinist Harumi Rhodes that discusses the works to be performed, specifically those that are from BIPOC composers.


For more information about the event and to watch the on demand performance please visit:

Takács Quartet (UMS Digital Presentation)

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