REVIEW: Holi Festival

Unlike today’s chilly temperatures, the weather for the annual Holi Festival at Palmer Field was warm and welcoming, mirroring the celebratory nature of the holiday. Although there is debate about the mythological origins of the festival, Holi is traditional Hindu festival, meant to honor the arrival of spring while also commemorating the triumph of good over evil. Though there are regional variations of Holi celebrations in India, the practice of playing with colored powders and water is common.

The event was hosted by the Indian American Student Association, Hindu Students Council, and Indian Student Association. They did a wonderful job of creating a fun festival, complete with music, dancing, and delicious Indian snacks. This was my first time celebrating Holi at the university, and it was amazing to see the community come together for a fun-filled afternoon. Strangers and friends alike stood shoulder to shoulder and slowly became more and more colorful as the event went on. It truly was entertaining to witness the multi-colored clothes and shoes of people walking around the grounds.

Being a member of such a large university can make it hard to connect with others, especially given the recent pandemic. Events like these allow students to meet others who share the same experiences and interests (alongside students just interested in learning about other cultures) to help build a sense of community and belonging. I’m very glad that Holi at Michigan returned after pausing for COVID, and I look forward to participating in the festival again next year!

Malvika Pandya

Malvika Pandya is a junior majoring in MCDB and History of Art at the University of Michigan. She enjoys watching movies, readings books, and winter sports.

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