PREVIEW: This Land – pastel paintings

Connie Cronenwett’s collection of pastel paintings, This Land, will be available to view at the WSG Gallery on 111 East Ann Street until Saturday, November 26!

The title “This Land” makes me think of the song This Land is Your Land, and of motifs like the American Dream, belonging, assimilation, discrimination, etc. I have no idea if that is what the paintings are about or meant to represent, but I think it will be cool to compare my expectations to the actual exhibit. I also can’t tell if the paintings are pastel hued / paletted which is why they’re referred to as pastel paintings, or if the medium is all pastel chalk. From the one image on the website preview, it seems like the latter, which is why it’s intriguing to me, that they’re still referred to as paintings. Either way, I’m expecting serene, muted landscapes that will hopefully give me some peace at the end of a long week!

Read more on the WSG gallery, the exhibit, and Cronenwett’s paintings here!

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