PREVIEW: Berliner Philharmoniker (Friday Program)

UMS really outdid themselves this season. I remember my jaw dropping when I heard the lineup announcement–Trevor Noah, Emerson Quartet, Itzhak Perlman, Joshua Bell? Now, through Bert’s Ticket Program (which you should be taking advantage of), I get to hear the Berlin Philharmonic for free this Friday at 8 PM in the Hill Auditorium. 

While the classical music world may be foreign to a lot of people, the Berlin Philharmonic carries powerful brand name recognition across musicians and the general public alike. Founded in 1882, the orchestra boasts a rich history of being led by some of the greatest conductors of all time. Adding onto the legacy, maestro Kirill Petrenko will be conducting two different concerts over two nights in Ann Arbor. Friday’s program will feature Andrew Norman’s Unstuck, the Mozart Violin Concerto No. 1 in B-flat Major performed by concertmaster Noah Bendix-Balgley, and the Korngold Symphony in F-Sharp Major.

As a violinist, I felt drawn to the first night’s program because of the opportunity to hear Bendix-Balgley in his element solo. However, I also look forward to hearing the Korngold Symphony for the first time. From the late-Romantic period, Korngold’s compositions tend to have a grand, cinematic quality that I especially enjoy in his Violin Concerto in D Major. Given that Andrew Norman is a contemporary composer, I expect Unstuck to be wild and cacophonous–qualities that I am excited to hear adapted into the Berlin Philharmonic’s iconic sound.

Event information:

If you missed getting tickets, orchestra members will also be hosting master classes for SMTD students open to the public throughout Friday and Saturday!


Sophia is a second-year chemical engineering student at the University of Michigan. Outside of classes, she plays violin in the Michigan Pops Orchestra and teaches music in Detroit with Seven Mile!

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