PREVIEW: L’immensità

The Italian Film Festival in Ann Arbor is an incredible way to become acquainted with Italian film, an underrepresented yet incredibly poignant field. It is a way for film students to venture out of American-made films, a way for Italian students to practice their language in a colloquial setting, and a way for anyone to experience beauty in a different language and culture. 

L’immensità by Emanuele Crialese is an emotional movie dissecting a failing relationship. Clara and Felice, an Italian couple in the 1970s, have fallen out of love, but are forced to stay in the relationship because of extenuating circumstances. As their children witness their parents’ failing marriage, viewers are treated to a spectacle of love, loss, and childhood woes. 

This film festival only comes once a year, so sign up while you can!


  • L’immensità by Emanuele Crialese will play at Lorch Hall – Askwith Auditorium at 7:30 pm on Saturday, April 8th. 
  • Nevia by Nunzia de Stefano will play at Lorch Hall – Askwith Auditorium at 5:00 pm on Saturday, April 8th. 

Tickets are free, making this an accessible event for all students, faculty, or anyone else interested in watching beautiful Italian films. 

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