Preview: Matthew Dear – Concert for the Masses, or the Minimum.

The Blind Pig has done it again! We are so lucky to have this incredible concert venue in the heart of Ann Arbor.

Matthew Dear:
Wednesday November 7th 9pm 18+
$12 in advance $14 at the door

Matthew Dear might not be for everyone. Their earlier sound can be more “obscure” and ethereal than his most recent album “Beams.” Some of their music is danceable and some of it begs for a smokey room, a strong drink and a fuzzy brain. Depending on your mood.

I was first introduced to this artist earlier this fall by a friend on the West Coast. The composition and creativity of sound is what drew him to this group. They are from Michigan (a graduate of u-mich in fact) which I was also unaware of when first introduced to their music.

Although not everyone is going to like Matthew Dear’s particular creative style, check out some of their stuff and stretch the boundaries of your music experience!