PREVIEW: Azaya: The Unity of Experience

When one thinks of India, there is not just one image that comes to our minds. The smell of henna, exotic bright colors, vibrant dances, vast seashores as well as tall mountains, more than 50 different languages, people, ethnicities, food and music come to mind. India is not just a place – it is an experience. The Indian American Student’s Association (IASA)’s annual student show – Azaya – is all about the unity of experience. Experience the journey with 240 dancers as they portray 10 different dimensions of life and tell the story of 1 human journey that unites us all.

The 10 different dance groups include themes like Evolution, Village, All girls, All boys, Fusion, Bollywood, Classical, South Indian, Bhangra and “filmy” styles. As a fellow Indian, Bollywood music has the ability to raise the energy of any crowd and make it impossible for anyone to sit put in their seats! It is very exciting for me to watch a show that will connect me back to my roots and take me on a nostalgic trip that will bring back fond memories of my childhood in India.

The show is on Friday the 13th of November at the Hill Auditorium.
The link to the event is : and tickets can be purchased at the MUTO or online.