TOLAROIDS: Starry Night

We were in Peru in the mountains in a small city called Urubamba when the power went out revealing the most stars I’ve ever seen.

Bonus two photos: the comet NEOWISE that passed Earth in 2020 and that I managed to capture.



TOLAROIDS: Favorite shoot

I’ve been sorting my photos recently and I stumbled across so many pictures from the past that I wanted to share, but this still probably remains my favorite creative shoot. It was for my own exhibition that I curated in 2019 and it featured dance in different transformations. The problem with capturing dance is that a photograph only captures a short snippet, freezes the dancer in one moment, while the entire idea of dance is that it’s continuous. That’s why I used long exposure to capture the continuum and to really show the act of dancing.

If you hover over the images you can see what settings I used, just if you’re curious 🙂 I am working on editing some new photos so there should be some new exciting content soon.






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TOLAROIDS: “Table Manners”

If you followed my work last year you know I try to avoid unjustified black & white editing. In the case of this series though we were aiming for a romantic, slightly vintage and polaroid-like look. It was not a serious photoshoot, but turned into a fun portrait of playful femininity which I called “Table Manners.”






Model & idea: Julia Jaworska


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Model: Julia Jaworska (Instagram: @jawor_j)


One of my favorite things to photograph has always been doors. I am not sure why, but they are always interesting and colorful objects that speak not only for a given culture or place but also for an individual. Here is a collection of my favorite doors from around the world 🙂




As the semester is coming to an end, I’m going back home! So I decided to post some travel-themed pictures, including some of my city 🙂


Happy finals!