Phen Lemege

This is Phen Lemege. She’s an office drone of the Mercenaries Guild’s bureaucracy. She works in the ever-backlogged dimensional travel department. There’s a 5-year waitlist!

She’s supposed to have an attractive secretary look. She has a background in Hell, like a DnD tiefling. She’s dating Tove, who wass a previous subject of Sketchbook Smashing. She has cherry-red skin, and rams horns and I don’t know if she should have a tail. I keep forgetting to add it. I’m not sure about her personality. I’m thinking since most of her clothes are black and white, maybe she could have a black-and-white morality.


J. Shen or "Micey" is a sophomore at Umich. She loves character design and telling stories and dabbles in making her own comics. Sketchbook Smashing is an attempt to chronicle her process in designing characters. From first concepts, hairstyle and outfit changes, or even complete shifts in design. She also hopes to map out how her own art style changes throughout the year. Her website is Her art Tumblr is

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