REVIEW: Tales of the Maya Skies

Do you like seeing planetarium shows?

Have you ever wondered what exciting things can happen in a dome theatre?

Have you ever wanted to go see a mind-blowing, 180-degree ancient cosmo show that makes you ascend to a new plane for 45 minutes?

Then you just HAVE to go see the Tales of the Maya Skies exhibit in Planetarium & Dome Theater at the Museum of Natural History. It will be happening every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the months of September and October 2022 (according to the latest schedule) so you have zero excuses to miss out on this phenomenal, mind-bending exhibit. A feast for the eyes.

This show was the perfect intermingling of ancient history, astronomy, myth, math, and all things exciting. Did I mention the part where they take you through how the Mayans predicted solstices and solar eclipses? There was something for everyone there. 

As I sat on the reclining planetarium chair and looked up at the dome screen with my ears feeling the drums of the opening music, I felt transported. For the next 45 minutes, I was experiencing art, science, and culture in a way I never thought possible. It pushed the boundaries of what all is capable in a dome theatre. 

This show is available in Spanish on Saturdays.

To read more about the event check out:


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