TOLAROIDS: International Women’s Day

Today is about celebrating women around the world. You will see pretty pictures, stories about female leaders, statements from university and government officials about historical figures that “make women proud.” However, tomorrow all of this will magically disappear and we will go back to the reality of what it’s like to be a woman in the modern world*:

  • In North America, 32% of women suffered intimate partner physical and/or sexual violence in 2020
  • 43% of respondents experienced discrimination against women in the past year including hearing sexist comments, witnessing sexism in the workplace or sexual harassment
  • Only 32% of companies worldwide have women in senior roles
  • The gender pay gap is 76% closed in Europe and 75% in North America. According to Statista, it will take 95 years with the current trends to completely close it in North America.
  • The US ranked only 43rd out of 146 countries examined for gender equality by the World Economic Forum according to the 2023 Global Gender Gap report
  • Globally, 58% of men and 49% of women agree with the statement that giving women equal rights has gone far enough in 2023

Let’s share those pretty pictures, let’s say the kind words, and let’s focus on female leaders and heroes today. But let’s also remember that it shouldn’t stop there, and the fight for equality continues beyond days like today.

*figures taken from Statista

Evolving Emotions: Fear- Photography

the horseman’s head

This is an assortment of pieces I created to celebrate the fall season. I hope you all have a tremendous (and equally horrifying) Halloween!












unintentional brooding (The sun was in my eyes. I swear I’m nice! >:)














diseased and deceased













hell on earth


TOLAROIDS: Back to campus

This week’s series is short: it’s simply a photo series from my first week on campus. Not every photograph here is my favorite and they do differ in subject and style, but I thought it would be interesting to show what I see when I just walk around without really looking for any specific subject.


I apologize for a late-night post! Stay tuned for next week’s dose of photography


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