Evolving Emotions: Surprise- Poetry

A Wonderous Day


Sun’s rays force squinting eyes

Grass curls between tiny toes

Laughter swirling in air swept

by each cool breeze

Bubbling waters in the pond

dug by able hands

for fish and shelled creatures

to lay and unwind


Tingling hands

A shift in the air

Heads turning in unison

to the house just across the yard


Rushing past familiar beauty

towards an enthralling mystery

behind four walls


Once inside

figures crowded round

blocking view


Some gasp or shriek of glee

at a sight to behold


In the center of the circle

comes barking

Pushing past

there it is

the dog you will know

for years to come


It will touch your life

in a way only it could

But for now,

you gaze in its eyes

and marvel over this wonderous surprise

Evolving Emotions: Surprise

Whether you regard it as a blessing or a curse, life is unpredictable! Anything can happen so you might as well enjoy the ride!
I’m certain you’ve heard some variation of this: The one for you will arrive when you least expect it. If it is said enough, perhaps there is truth to it?

Life will always be filled to the brim with unexpected possibilities. Fighting the current won’t do you good, so go with the flow!







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