Sagas Among the Arcana: this is the hero . . .

The six of wands is pulled


Mind restless/ body defenseless/ journey endless/ this is our hero/

Crows kick up a wind/ outside/ the wind pushes the hero/ faster/ on his horse/ it gallops like thunder/ this is how the hero goes/

There is a fence/ stretching out/ long across/ a coast/ a meadow/ a canyon/ anything that the mind supplies/ the body survives/ long enough to complete/ the valiant/ endeavor/ this is where the hero goes

Empty heart/ lonely soul/ all this perseverance to fulfill/ them/ both/ need time to settle/ this is why the hero goes/

He will do anything/ to meet the challenge/ is great/ honor full/ ignoring the omen/ in the sky/ six crows/ on the ground/ arrogance/ for show/ this is for the hero’s selfish woes//

From Murder of Crows Tarot

Sagas Among the Arcana: The Fallen Flock

The 10 of cups – family
Death – closure, change
The 7 of cups – “illusionary fears,” revelation

There he comes / the hunter / come to butcher / my flock / one down / two / three / all family gone to bleed / That hunter / he comes / mounted / on a horse skinned of its / skin / there’s no skin / and soon the skin of my flock / will rot / six feet under dirt / The skulled hunter / his skulled mount / they’re both so much like / our skulled flock / How many more birds / should be shot with stones / until we turn the stones / Seasons go / some birds don’t go / beyond their youth / This is the phantom / crow / that haunts me / its bad omens / burden me / like the weight of my fallen flock.

Sagas Among the Arcana: The Lovers

The Lovers: harmony, love, companionship, dependence


Beauty among the rose bushes, come find me. There in the rose bushes, come find me. We sing in different tones, yet they complement. Each other. We find each other among the rose bushes. A petal for your thoughts? In return keep my thorn. By my delicate petal, I’ll be your valiant thorn. Together we’ll be a rose harmoniously blooming in happiness, wilting in sadness. And in happiness again, dispersing our love through wind, water, and gravity. So that more may grow among the rose bushes.




As roads come and go, I’ll wander them with you. Wade through water. Clutch your hand. I want to have your hand. Forever. Two protons break the fusion barrier to be together. One nucleus. Can you handle it? Do you comprehend your ensnarement to me? Eternally. Right now, eternity doesn’t seem long enough.

But let’s make it real here under roosting crows. Soon we’ll find our own place to rest. After all the wandering, wading, and clutching your hand. To be with you.



Making love under the moon. It’s something lovers do. Every time I think I know where you end and where you begin. It slithers from my grasp. You know how to make me focus. On being enthralled by you. Even after we’re tired after hours of vibrant affection. You still turn my head. Roll it against the pillow. To you. The moon rises above you. Ethereal. I can’t help but think the moon must have blessed me with you. As lovers do.





Happy belated Valentine’s <3

Sagas Among the Arcana: Rumors

The Emperor and the Seven of Swords are pulled


Initially, he was hailed as reliable, respected, and righteous — this new emperor. He saved this barren kingdom from its destructive self, restoring order, under his expert rule.

All the more why none expected his sudden betrayal.

However, no one truly knows what the betrayal was, all they know is that one day, the date of his execution was posted on the local message walls.

Naturally, all of this has become the talk of the town. And naturally, many wild rumors float about as free as the wind.


Rumor 1

He sold the lucky chickens — the lucky chickens that helped him rebuild the city. They laid so many eggs, immediately eradicating the widespread hunger and malnutrition. Also, legend has it that every time those chickens leave a community, they lay an egg of destruction. So if the emperor truly sold those chickens, then he’s truly dommed them all 


Rumor 2

He buried the seven swords of the seven children of the previous emperor. While the last ruler was worth as much as dirt, his children were as noble as their sacred dogs. They fought in the war that had initially made the kingdom the desolate hell it was before the current emperor came. Their seven swords were said to be made of magic that once infused with their owners’ blood after death, created a barrier around the kingdom that protected the citizens from further harm. And true enough, once all seven children died in battle, the war had ended. 

However, it’s not suspected that the current emperor buried those swords, and no one knows what will happen to the barrier now. Apparently, the emperor claims that he had to hide them from the rabid lucky chickens.

Perhaps, that’s why he sold them . . . 


Rumor 3

He stabbed the sacred dogs with the seven swords. The sacred dogs have — as the people say — been in the kingdom since the dawn of time. They are said to be always watching the residents of the land coming only to guide the citizens to their underground dwelling if destruction is guaranteed. But now that the emperor has massacred the sacred dogs, the people no longer have any place to go if a time comes that is worse than the last war.

Perhaps, that’s why he sold the swords. 


Regardless of all the rumors, everyone is convinced that the emperor will be executed for his betrayal within the next few days. Funnily some even say that he’ll be executed by the seven swords. So perhaps the buried swords were found?

Nonetheless, at least now, everyone knows how betrayal will be tolerated. . . 

At least that’s what the emperor was hoping for when he put up that false poster on the message walls and spread all those ridiculous rumors. 

So much for being reliable, respected, and righteous — this new emperor.