Evolving Emotions: Love- Poetry

Last Goodbye

She was evening nights sprinkled with fireflies. She was bouquets of every shade. She was long farewells, dandelion wishes, and key lime pie. Her heart beating atop my chest settled my breath into a steady patter every Sunday morning when the birds were chirping and her hands would hold mine, delicate and powerful, carrying me into the day with jittery excitement and beaming optimism and just when the world felt like it would fall into pieces I watched her wave with a smile plastered on her beautiful face knowing I was hers and she was mine from now until the end. She was warm embraces beneath a woven blanked. She was long road trips below a bright sun. She was mine and I was hers until our last goodbye.

Evolving Emotions: Love

So much of the art put out into the world is about art. But what can it tell us?

I found this quote to be absolutely beautiful. It’s a tragedy to be singed and scarred. It’s another to wonder if things could’ve been different if given another chance.
PLEASE DON’T SETTLE! That’s all I’m going to say on that one. :^)



















You make up one half of a relationship and should therefore be equally valued within it. Your opinions, ideas, knowledge, and consent matter. If they are reluctant to hear it or act with intentional disregard, that isn’t love.

Art Biz with Liz: Valentine’s Day Cards

Hello, Arts, Ink. readers! Last week, my blog post featured step-by-step instructions for making paper hearts. With just a few days left before Valentine’s Day, this week’s post will continue with the heart theme.

With its increasingly high expectations and commercialized pressures, Valentine’s Day sometimes gets a bad rap; however, the tradition of writing “valentines” as a means of showing/encouraging love is a (mostly) untainted practice that I’m fond off. Card making, the craft of hand-making greeting cards, is also a pastime I enjoy. Birthday cards, “thinking of you” cards, you name it. Below are various paper hearts and cards that I’ve made this past week for my housemates, friends, and family members.

While these were made for Valentine’s Day, expressions of love are not reserved for holidays. If you have enough time, consider making your own card for a loved one. I don’t have an extensive collection of art supplies with me here in Ann Arbor, but it’s possible to make remarkable creations with just construction paper and stick glue. Some tips? Feel free to reuse leftover paper scraps and various shapes, which are great for playing around with different designs!