Evolving Emotions: Yellow

Yellow has been a rather

Permanent resident in my life


Since fourth grade

My single driving force


Ultimate goal


Was to be a

Maize and Blue



And success


That last part

Has proved challenging

And a twinge undesirable


The place I called home before any other

Apart from the womb

My childhood bedroom

A zany yellow on the walls

In an artificial cheer


It was not always

So cheerful.


Something I learned recently

A rather depressing fact

Bananas are disagreeable.


For all of the cramps I sustain

Apologies in advance

To my near and distant future


My eyes loathe the sun

It’s bright rays

The sweat beading

It’s a sticky sort of hatred


It never ceases to amaze

How ironic the world is.

Connections and coincidences

In fascinating alignments

All for the purpose of absurdity

Made sensical


Blue has become a recent tenant


Paint rollers glided like waves

Creating a sky along the walls


Each raindrop and cloud

Brings a comforting cold

And reminder

Of dirt’s occasional aroma


I’ve often been blue

Sad beyond belief

Swallowed by a riptide


But it’s in those moments

That I’m grateful

For it all

For the joy

For the tears

For the bananas I cannot digest

And for the Zen in my bedroom

That served as a transition

Between color and emotion