Binge Watching Doctor Who

This Thanksgiving and subsequent days off I decided to binge watch all the television I’ve wanted to watch because I either didn’t have time for it or don’t have a way to watch it.

My main goal was to catch up on Doctor Who. For those who are unfamiliar, Doctor Who is a British series that currently holds the world record for longest running science fiction television series. I follows the adventures of The Doctor, an alien that can travel through time and space. His space ship is a blue police box (British phone booth) called the TARDIS.

I caught up on the latest series and it really reminded me of why I love the series so much. The Doctor is extravagant and otherworldly but manages to see the best in people. He is always trying to force people to see more and be more. He traditionally has a human companion who exemplifies how no one is just “ordinary.” That everyone has something to offer and that no one is unimportant.  My favorite quote from the series embodies how being plain isn’t a barrier unless you make it a barrier.

“D’you know in 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met someone who wasn’t important before.” – The Doctor

The series has alway had such good stories to tell and has been handed down to many different actors and writers and throughout all that time it’s held onto a core personality. It shows both almost nightmarish scenarios of the future or what people will do to survive but it will also show a core element of compassion and second chances.

Doctor Who has been so long running that many fans are for life. People have watched the series as a child and now can watch it with their children. David Tennant an actor who played the 9th Doctor was a fan of the series before he was cast and has mentioned in interviews how he watched the series as a child.  It’s amazing how a television series can inspire so many people and hang onto such a strong fanbase.



As a piece of art it inspire so many derivative works. Perhaps that is the key to it’s success that through the other worldly adventures shown in the series, it helps people see themselves and others in a different light. Where people try to think of “what the Doctor would think” and the strong belief in kindness that is showcased.

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