“what is art?” column introduction

For hundreds of years, the definition of “art” has been questioned, debated upon, and altered. I myself, have no idea how to EVEN try and define this ambiguous term. Growing up in a traditional household, I once believed art was solely realistic paintings and drawings. I thought to be a professional artist I must achieve the skills these talented individuals have and millions will love me. Granted, this was when I was in kindergarten. Okay, maybe fifth grade (we don’t need to talk about it). Since then I have luckily expanded my definition to not only different types of visual art but also performance. I believe art consumes our world and to label it would be to limit what it can be. Instead we must explore what kinds of art can be discovered and share them. I am personally passionate about visual storytelling and I believe the most effective way to connect with an audience through story is with artistic platforms. 

Last semester, I used my column as a place to dispense art information I had found out and wanted to reach others with. In addition, I also wrote about my own class art projects and rambles about topics/questions about art that interests me. For this year, I hope to make my column connected to this theme of “What is art?”, “What can art be?”, and “What does art mean to you?” I will be interviewing a wide range of student artists and maybe professors as well. I will probably slide in a couple of posts about art seminars, galleries, and performances I attend too. I hope by doing this it will engage whoever you are that is reading this and expand your own definition of what art is/can be. I will be posting every Thursday so keep an eye out! I am excited to start this journey with you all but until next Thursday all you get are some favorite photographs I took over the summer. And yes, I believe this counts as art. 



sophomore studying Art & Design looking to start a conversation this semester about what art is, what it may be, what it can be, etc., in hopes to expand people's knowledge on how art consumes our lives

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