Basil + Gideon Interlude: Literally just a drawing

I’ve been having a hard time focusing on creative stuff (or anything really) because of all the craziness and the huge change to my routine, so no comic this week, but I did make this illustration instead. If anyone else is having trouble getting stuff done, you’re not alone, but also I can recommend making art as a good distraction if you’re able!

Basil + Gideon is an ongoing narrative comic, if this is your first time reading check out the first installmentĀ here!


A local wizard risen from the deep woods to study literature, think about writing, and make narrative comics about boys lost in those selfsame woods.

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2 Comments on "Basil + Gideon Interlude: Literally just a drawing"

4 years 3 months ago

Important question– are Basil & Gideon self-isolating like the rest of us? Are they sheltering-in-place? Feel like we need to check on them, make sure they’re social distancing from those LOTR people a few comics ago!