Immersive #19: Quotations out of Context

Ah yes, the famous quotes of the literature: the ones that we hear spoken over and over again until one day we stumble across the wording in it’s original form and realize that our initial assumptions have all been a lie. What do we do with this newfound knowledge? Well, probably not very much unless you want to forever go against the flow that is the out-of-context societal understanding that has been developed around the phrase in question. As a result, I want to ask you all this question: when do we let a phrase be taken out of context and let it exist in the singular? Does it even matter to the masses who have never read the original work in the grand scheme of things? Let’s discuss these ever-so-crucial prompts with the high school English classes of the past, found only within our deepest memories.


Liana Lau is a business administration sophomore at the University of Michigan, who enjoys learning about innovative mediums and storytelling techniques. Her section Immersive is dedicated to disrupting the way in which we facilitate relationships in the digital era by exploring intimate narratives about life through unconventional storytelling mediums. Together, each piece seeks to challenge the way in which we communicate our thoughts and seek connection from others.

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