Chroma #2

Hey, everyone! It’s almost Halloween weekend, so I hope everyone’s excited and has their costumes ready. I’m here with another post for my series, Chroma, where I generate a random color palette each week and create an illustration based off of it. This week, the palette for my illustration was very bright and colorful, which are some of my favorite works to do. I especially love combining bright colors with black or darker/more neutral colors, which I tried to do with the woman and her dress.

I’m happy with how this one turned out, which you may be able to tell by the way I set it as my weekly header! I think the colorfulness of the background captures the vibrancy I’m using in this series. Again, I’ve been trying to do more backgrounds recently, and although it was repetitive to draw so many different bottles/jars, I liked to see it all come together.


hey! i'm dai, a CS sophomore looking to (hopefully) double minor in APIA studies and Art and Design. i'm a mainly digital artist who loves color and wants to improve and expand on my coloring abilities. in my current series “Chroma”, i'll generate a new color palette each week using a randomized color palette generator, and then create an illustration based off it. along the way, i hope to capture the creative process of my art, as well as the different gradients of life. enjoy!

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1 year 8 months ago

I like that she’s wearing a super fancy dress in the grocery store– haha. For real though, nice drawing!