Study Hal: Week 34 – Snowy Weather

Ah, February. No matter how much we want springtime, this month always brings us more snow. Hal has been coping just fine staying indoors, but his dog Sparky is a little less patient. He wants it to be springtime, now, and I’m not sure he realizes Hal doesn’t have the power to fix it!

Spring will come soon enough, but in the meantime, I hope you’ve been staying nice and cozy while you’re staying safe. It may feel like winter’s over, but those wind chills are no joke!

If this is your first time, welcome! Hal is a U-M student studying remotely this year. I’ve been sharing all of his challenges, surprises, and distractions on the Study Hal tag, but be sure to come back next Tuesday for another installment!

Study Hal: Week 15 – Favorite Spot

It’s the last week before school! Hal has been trying to finish his book before classes start again. His favorite spot is his hammock, which he usually sets up in the Diag, but is now up in the back yard! The only problem? Sparky likes the hammock a lot, too.

What are some of the things you’re going to be doing with the last bit of summer? Hal’s looking forward to tasty fall treats, but he’s going to miss reading outside!

In case you’ve missed it, Hal is a U-Mich student who’s been at his childhood home all summer, and will be sharing his remote experience this term! Check back weekly for new videos, or check out the Study Hal tag to see his past exploits.

Study Hal: Week 12 – Cooped Up

This weekend we saw some heavy rain. The rain itself wasn’t all bad. Hal enjoyed the time to take it easy and finish up his book! But Hal’s dog, Sparky, was not as excited. He’s used to playing outside, so being inside all day gave him a ton of pent-up energy!

Finding a bright side can be important, too. At least the rain cooled the weather down. Now Sparky can go out and stay out for longer!

Hal’s a U-Mich student who’s around every week to share his experience this summer. Check out the Study Hal tag if you’d like to see more!