Coping couplets


I will write a poem without pain

Despite crying disdain for inflicting it’s stain


Or feeling its sting while afflicted by shame

Day by day seeping into a daze


My suffering is minimal in many ways

If one is worse I should be able 


To lift myself from this haze

I will write a poem without pain


Dancing lazily in the game

For I am not living this life in vain

I wonder what happens when I lay beside you 

If I rest my head on your shoulder 

I wonder if I can hear your heart tremor 


To the beat of my nerves 

I wonder if you tread carefully with your words 

Pick and choose phrases that will make me listen 


Riesling over liquor 

I wonder if you have lost thoughts 

Tremble at their release and take them elsewhere 


Whisper without me 

I wonder if you hide your truth 

Mask feelings in sweet nothings 


Hide dark in the night 

I can tell

Why can’t you see? 

Is it because I read when you look?

Search soulless for meaning in every breath 

while you take in deep

Restless while you sleep


Will you recoil when I do unto you what you do to me 

Tremble when I choose not to speak? 


There’s joy and anguish here 

Relish and pleasure here 


Is that all? 


Painting myself in you

Is naming me small diminishing my power 

Am I wrong to be flattered 

You’ve done nothing 

I don’t think 

You don’t deserve scrutiny or skepticism but 

I’m searching for someone in me to tell me if myself is with you 

If when we speak we are on the same page 

If the lines of possibilities that scroll through my head 

Match anything that lies in yours 

I like your love lies 

How they spread up into my hands 

Dissipate like water beads sprinkling across my skin 

I like how your twisted tongue turns poetry into song 

With verses that don’t rhyme 

I like 

How you lace my drinks with antiquity 

Quiet my sobs with ecstasy 

And paint them as honesty 

Your lips keep all of them contained within me 

Sealed with the kiss of your disdain 


I am a Maker

I like it when these things take my being

Twist it into tangles of hope and fear 

Drop the knot make it hold tight while falling


I like commanding over risks

Jumping out of a plane landing on my feet 

Playing publicly after plotting carefully 


I seek control over the unknown

Find it while diving deep 

Feeling more power with every sinking failure