Evolving Emotions: Anticipation- Poetry

Here in the Wind


The wind drowns out the words

swirling, interweaving,

pulsing in my head


I stand at the top

with cars below

the honking is dizzying


Feet unsteady

legs limp

hands outstretching


An ambulance whines

obstructed by selfish drivers

consumed by oblivion


Frigid air

sets pimples on my skin

and escapes into the night


A cold sweat on my temples

ushered by my racing heart

and that knot in my stomach


I try to remember

what carried me here

to this moment

in the wind

A Day In Our Lives #25

Hey guys,

This week I am showing some of the collage work that I have been working on! In my practice, I focus primarily on women and the female experience. I was recently tasked with creating a book multiple times over, cutting it apart, and putting it together to make a story. I love collage and think that it is really calming to do. I have lots of old graphic design books that were gifted to me that I use in my work. I like incorporating my poetry and writing in my collages as well as some of my illustrations. Collages can be a really expressive medium. I love thinking about color and how it will affect how the viewer perceives the text. I sewed this book together and love how it came out. I feel like it is a really good representation fo what I believe in.
See you next week!


Evolving Emotions: Trust- Poetry



A gun to his heart

a bullet struck a rib on its way

to the living room wall


I knew a boy

struck by lightening in the third grade

and again in the fourth


In April my legs gave way

like a rainy day

I tumbled down the cliffside


I suspect she killed her husband

last autumn, in the evening

I heard crunching


A beam of light

cut through the tree line

and took the cow across the pier


I was birthed speaking

syllabic sentences

and passionate paragraphs


My first words were,

“Don’t trust a thing,”

because it’s pathological, I promise

Evolving Emotions: Trust- Poetry

All of It


I’ve got you

Don’t look down

at the enormity of it all

at everything to do

at everything you might not do

at everything you don’t want to do

at all the things you regret

at all the things you don’t

the mistakes

the failures

the greatest fears

the mortifying moments

and painful memories

that don’t dull like they should

in the cracks

of your deepest insecurities

where lies the secrets

I hold them too

Don’t look down

I’ve got you

Evolving Emotions: Trust- Poetry

New Perfume, Same Promises


That ring was a symbol

unity on my finger


All the times you said you loved me

words of undying truth


Quiet moments in the mornings

holding me in your arms

laughing by the fire

gazing at the sun turning amber

then a mellowed purple


Did you mean it when you slid

it on my finger

called me yours

promised me forever?


I thought we fit

like jigsaw grooves

but in your bed is another

and I can’t stand their perfume


I despise you.

What’s worse than false promises

the I love you’s

and blood diamonds


Are the promises you make

to that woman with her perfume

Evolving Emotions: Love- Poetry

Last Goodbye

She was evening nights sprinkled with fireflies. She was bouquets of every shade. She was long farewells, dandelion wishes, and key lime pie. Her heart beating atop my chest settled my breath into a steady patter every Sunday morning when the birds were chirping and her hands would hold mine, delicate and powerful, carrying me into the day with jittery excitement and beaming optimism and just when the world felt like it would fall into pieces I watched her wave with a smile plastered on her beautiful face knowing I was hers and she was mine from now until the end. She was warm embraces beneath a woven blanked. She was long road trips below a bright sun. She was mine and I was hers until our last goodbye.