Study Hal: Week 42 – Final Task

It’s been one heck of a semester, but it’s finally winding down. Today, Hal turned in his very last assignment for his undergraduate degree. That means he’s basically finished with college..? How wild! Hal says it feels strange for his last assignment to be a causal essay. To make up for it, he dedicated a lot of time polish it.

Hal was pleased with his efforts, but Sparky would rather play. Sparky has gotten used to Hal not being able to play, but he still comes and checks on Hal occasionally. It was a pleasant surprise that Hal went outside with him in the middle of the day! I think they’re still out there playing fetch.

I hope all the students out there are winding down and getting ready to enjoy their break, and I hope the graduates out there are taking care and enjoying the last bits of college. We got this!!

In case you’re new here, welcome! You’ve come just in time to catch the last few of videos from Hal and I. Hal is a senior studying electrical engineering from home. We usually post on Tuesdays, so check back next week, but in the meantime feel free to look through the Study Hal tag for more!

Leila Mullison

Hey there! I'm a senior at Stamps specializing in stop-motion animation. My video series is about Hal, a U-M student taking remote classes from his childhood home. Find it by searching "Study Hal"! While you're at it, check out my Instagram: @lrmull.

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