Round green shapes of varying sizes glow against the black background. The text reads, "Immersive."

Immersive #20: Anonymous Reminders

A green three-panel comic. On top, a bored cat looks away from a sign that reads "enjoy ur life." Below, an outline of a human is labeled, "free hugs." At the bottom, a plant grows out of a toilet bowl. To the right, the text reads, "#Peecycling."

It’s always a joy to walk around a building and look at all the little drawings and posters scattered around. Often times, the little notes that I find around campus are positive acts of kindness that remind me to take a step back and take a breath once in a while, although the hashtag causes me to take a double take in a different way. Either way, there’s something special about the anonymity of the sender, knowing that they took the time to leave the note for everyone else to see. And, the fact that the message resonates deep within you when you stop and take a look indicates a deeper understanding about a shared human condition. While this post may not be anonymous, I hope you all take care regardless, and I’m sending good energy your way!


Liana Lau is a business administration sophomore at the University of Michigan, who enjoys learning about innovative mediums and storytelling techniques. Her section Immersive is dedicated to disrupting the way in which we facilitate relationships in the digital era by exploring intimate narratives about life through unconventional storytelling mediums. Together, each piece seeks to challenge the way in which we communicate our thoughts and seek connection from others.

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