Evolving Emotions: A Churning Prison

Naked in a world foreign to my body

Tears well up

A refusal

A protest

Amidst the overwhelming reality before me


I tremble

Unable to breathe

Afraid to utter a sound

Suppressing all movement


For fear that the world will hear me

See me

Acknowledge me

And take me with it


In its churning jowls

Pressured production

Cyclical aging

And infinite pain


My heart pleads and bargains

Against what quickly approaches


I am growing older

By the passing hour




Forced into the assembly line

With a ball and chain at my feet


I am scared

Of what mechanical existence lay ahead.



Erin Knape is a University of Michigan senior majoring in psychology and minoring in creative writing. Her greatest passion has always been the arts, whether that be writing, painting, or photography. Capturing Campus, a weekly installment of poetry and photography, aims to capture campus life through artistic expression. Dive into Capturing Campus every Sunday!

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