Fable Friday: Naiads

This week I decided not the focus on one specific myth, but a group of mythological creatures: the Naiads. In Greek Mythology, Naiads are spirits/nymphs that preside over freshwater streams, rivers, etc. They are one of the three types of water nymphs. The other two are the Nereids and Oceanids. The Nereids are usually associated with the sea. Oceanids are associated with the oceans, and there are over three-thousand of them according to myth. Naiads are said to be the least helpful to humans compared to the others, often leading humans to get lost in swamps, and otherwise seeking revenge against their cheating lovers.


Sierra Iverson

My name is Sierra Snow Iverson, and I'm a junior pursing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design. I have a focus in animation and film due to my intense interest in storytelling. However, I have a background in Illustration and 2D Design. The content of my postings will center around fables and myths from around the world through a combination of illustrations and written material.

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