Fable Friday: Atira

Hey all,

This week I wanted to feature my take on Atira, the Pawnee tribe’s Mother goddess figure. I drew inspiration from old black-and-white photographs of traditional indigenous clothing that women would wear for this drawing. I really like the earthy tones and colors, especially how the spots on the top shoulders of her dress emulate the spots on baby deer.

Fable Friday: Lakshmi

Lakshmi also spelled Lakṣmī, also called Shri, Hindu goddess of wealth and good fortune. Vishnu’s wife is said to have taken different forms to be with him in each of his incarnations. She is also seen wearing pink most of the time. I wanted to make a modern version of this goddess that has modern features like split hair dye as if she is an ordinary girl that transforms into a magical goddess.

Fable Friday: Xarpo

Xarpo is considered the greek goddess of Autumn. Her name is also spelled Carpo and Karpo depending on the translation. She has two sisters: Thallo and Auxo, goddesses of spring and summer respectively. I wanted to make her a more modern-looking nymph/fairy and include burnt orange tones. All three of them were considered attendants to Aphrodite and guarded the path to Mount Olympus.

Fable Friday: Pachamama

Pachamama to the Incan people was known as the mother and Goddess of the earth and fertility. She was a protector and provider f and demanded offerings from her worshipers. If they did not comply she would punish them with diseases. I wanted to make this character I drew similar to the other characters I have created this semester as if she is a modern retelling of this goddess.


Fable Friday: Girl Group

Hey all! This past week I haven’t focused on one character so much as making a group of magical sorceress girls! I thought the Earth sorceress and the Water one already matched well in terms of art style, so I decided to create four more based on different cultures and their traditional clothing styles to make a group of powerful female characters.