Fable Friday: Xarpo

Xarpo is considered the greek goddess of Autumn. Her name is also spelled Carpo and Karpo depending on the translation. She has two sisters: Thallo and Auxo, goddesses of spring and summer respectively. I wanted to make her a more modern-looking nymph/fairy and include burnt orange tones. All three of them were considered attendants to Aphrodite and guarded the path to Mount Olympus.

Sierra Iverson

My name is Sierra Snow Iverson, and I'm a junior pursing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design. I have a focus in animation and film due to my intense interest in storytelling. However, I have a background in Illustration and 2D Design. The content of my postings will center around fables and myths from around the world through a combination of illustrations and written material.

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