Scribble #6: Chinese Satellite


“I’ve been running around in circles, pretending to be myself.”

I had a conversation with my dad this past weekend about how maturity and independence grows exponentially. In the past year and a half since starting college, I have seen this to be very true. Between the pandemic and moving halfway across the country for school, I’ve grown more than I thought was possible in such a short amount of time. I often wish I knew exactly who I am, but I am not even sure exactly who I want to be. This is a lifelong process, I know, and yet I catch myself wishing I could expedite it.

“Why would somebody do this on purpose when they could do something else?”

In Chinese Satellite, Phoebe Bridgers sings about her unsure attitude toward religion and her doubts of an afterlife. To me, this song represents something more: not being sure of who you are and desperately wanting to know how you feel and what you want, while also knowing that there is no way for you to rush this process. 

“Drowning out the morning birds with the same three songs over and over.”

After what feels like far longer than just over two months, I’m finally getting into the routine of in-person college. In another two months, once the new semester begins, some of that routine will change again. Just as I felt like I was getting used to my life here, there is going to be yet another change with the new semester.

“I wish I wrote it, but I didn’t, so I learn the words.”

It will be nice to be home for Thanksgiving – back in the place where I grew up and where routine is easy to fall into. I also know that after a few days I will be more than ready to be back in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I feel like I am my best version of myself. When I am at school, my potential for growth feels unlimited, both in a daunting and inspirational way, and I miss that feeling whenever I’m gone.

“Hum along ’til the feeling’s gone forever.”

Over the past year and a half, my living situation has changed, my friends have changed, and I have changed. I’m finally getting to a point where I feel more stable, but it is inevitable that something will come along and shake things up again. Change is a special, beautiful thing, for better and for worse. The present is not permanent. Good things pass, but then again, bad things pass, too. For me, it always comes back to the same thing: it all works out, given enough time and the right attitude.

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The Indian Artist: Empowerment from Creation

Hi everybody!! I hope that you are all well and that midterm week wasn’t too terrible. I realize that I missed posting last week. Things have just been very crazy and stressful as of late and I needed to give myself a little bit of a break. This post is going to be one of my more deep ones where I discuss some of my inner feelings and how my art has served as an antidote time and time again.

Though I am a sophomore, I tell everybody that I feel like a complete freshman. It is my first time on campus, my first time living on my own where I am completely responsible for my own actions, decisions, and how I choose to spend my time. This has proven a lot more difficult than I had previously anticipated. Though I welcome the newfound independence as it is something that I have yearned for my entire life (especially coming from a stringent upbringing), the load of my coursework mixed with extracurriculars has been overwhelming, driving me to the point of burnout.

My salvation has been my art. In today’s post, I will share with you how empowering my art has been for me and how my most recent piece has helped me to maintain a level of composure, self-confidence, and strength.

Over the summer I got an unshakable idea for a new art piece. I have been tying my culture into my art for the past few years and wanted to continue the trend by doing a piece on Holi, the Festival of Colors. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to create and was luckily able to find a reference picture that fit my basic plan where I could improvise as much as I wanted. It was going to be the most technique-advanced piece that I had ever done and I had absolutely no expectations going into it. I genuinely did not believe that I would be able to pull it off but I went ahead and gave it a shot anyway. The result was overwhelmingly empowering. This piece was something that I really needed. After the terribly difficult time that school has been, moving out and living on my own for the first time, and feeling quite alone, completing this piece showed me that I am stronger than I give myself credit for and can achieve more than I expect myself to be able to. This is the power of art. It has a way of showing us who we are, who we can be, and what we can do. So this piece, titled The Festival of Colors, is my favorite piece to date. Done in colored pencil and acrylic paint, it details a woman dancing in ecstasy covered in the powdered color as is the tradition during this beautiful festival.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post, it was so cathartic for me to write about and this piece was even more cathartic to create! As always, if anything that I discussed in this post stands out, or if any questions arise please feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

To learn more about Holi, here is a previous blog post I wrote all about it!!


Looking forward to next Monday!


~ Riya


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Immersive #13: Mood Board

Creator’s Note: Mood boards are often used as a source of inspiration for something that we hope to create in the future. Sometimes the images we find come from external sources: stock photo insights into a lifestyle or aspiration that resonates with us. Yet, our past is where our own mood is set. The way we’re raised, what we dream about, and the memories we make with others all serves to shape our own identity. In a sense, our upbringing is the original inspiration for who we are now and will become in the future. There can be a tension when using our pasts in our present work in a semi-autobiographical manner, but when you’re the one creating, your experiences are just as valid as the rest.

If you have any thoughts, let me know. Otherwise, I shall see you all in Immersive’s next article!

Evolving Emotions: A Mirror’s Shine

Their eyes pierce my skin

They persecute my soul

They interrogate my substance

They diminish my light


Who is “they”?

Those that cross my path

The people that touch my life

Cherished loved ones

An external force


The universe itself





I puncture my passions

I persecute my dreams

I interrogate my existence

I mute my shine


Reflecting is painful

The mirror shows me as I am

My eyes bend and distort


Staring back at me

My greatest fear

My greatest shame

My greatest disappointment

My greatest loathing

My greatest failure

We lock eyes








Perhaps it is time to perceive as the mirror does



Void of judgment

An authentic truth


The mirrors of our lives

The ebb and flow of familiar strangers

Those crossing our paths

The loved fixtures of our experience

The external force that guides us

This astounding universe surrounding us

Whomever we place our faith in

Ever reflecting


There are mirrors

Look, and bear witness

You are not what you tell yourself you are

Or who you feel you must be

You are simply







Brimming with brilliant potential


Seek those who act as your mirror

Who celebrate your strengths when you are blind to them

Who embrace your flaws when you cannot


Find those who see you for you

Find those who see your shining light anew