Evolving Emotions: Trust- Poetry



A gun to his heart

a bullet struck a rib on its way

to the living room wall


I knew a boy

struck by lightening in the third grade

and again in the fourth


In April my legs gave way

like a rainy day

I tumbled down the cliffside


I suspect she killed her husband

last autumn, in the evening

I heard crunching


A beam of light

cut through the tree line

and took the cow across the pier


I was birthed speaking

syllabic sentences

and passionate paragraphs


My first words were,

“Don’t trust a thing,”

because it’s pathological, I promise

Another love lie

I held you tightly so you covered my eyes

Blindside me from the sight of your voice

Lips moving softly as I tremble at their sound 


I wanted you 

Wrapped your head in my arms held it to my stomach

Cried while watching you smile- 


We are posed 

Here standing in levels 

But I am still underneath you 


Pulsing to the breath of your touch 

Loudly to the sound of your name