The Indian Artist, Revamped: Halloween Edition!

Good evening everyone, I hope that you are all doing well. I know I am a week late to the spooky party but I wanted to share one of my favorite older pieces that I thought fit the season perfectly!

Bête Noire is an original piece of mine done in ink, with dimensions of 8″x 11″. It was my dive into a literal form of expressive art. Dictated by a prompt given to me in my high school art course, I wanted to take my fear of spiders to a different level, a place where the viewer cringes and feels something deep within themselves. My goal in this piece was to not only develop my technical skills but also to create work that can evoke emotion. This is a piece that I was very excited to take on and something that I had vividly seen in my head before executing. I wanted to create a piece that demonstrates a visceral reaction, combining technique with emotion.

Spiders are a symbol of Halloween so I thought that this was the perfect piece to showcase. My mother hates looking at this drawing and recoils, while my best friend winces but never diverts her gaze. As odd as it may sound, I have never rejoiced so much to have people look away when I showed them my art. The minimalized lines lend to creating a cohesive work that demonstrates a clear image of horror, one of the true powers of art.

Please let me know if there is anything you all would like to see from me. If any questions or thoughts arise, please comment or reach out to me at my socials!


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Riya A

My name is Riya and I am currently a Senior at U of M studying Molecular Biology with a double minor in Art & Design and Sociology on the pre-med track. Art has been a huge passion of mine from a very young age and in the final iteration of my column, I look forward to sharing my passions as they connect to my culture, medicine, and art.

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