Simon Update

Here’s a Simon update! He’s the main character of my story, Guildies. He’s a member of the Mercenaries Guild Conglomerate, and he’s sent to watch this interesting house in Sutton, Michigan. I wanted to do more full-body posing, and work on his collar. I like how I did the collar as well as the rips on his clothes. I used zig-zags instead of something more complicated for his coat, and I think that worked well. I also modified his eye shape to make it easer to draw.


J. Shen or "Micey" is a Junior at Umich. She loves character design and telling stories and dabbles in making her own comics. Sketchbook Smashing is an attempt to chronicle her process in designing characters. From first concepts, hairstyle and outfit changes, or even complete shifts in design. She also hopes to map out how her own art style changes throughout the year. Her website is Her art Tumblr is

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