Amy Fieldmouse: Intro Post + Comic

Hi all! This is my first comic for Arts Ink, about one of the things I’m studying this year. I am a 4th-year BFA student in Stamps, but I am also interested in languages! Amy Fieldmouse is my pen name/not-so-secret identity, and I draw fictionalized comics about things that happen in my day to day (like this). You can find more of my work at my website, or on instagram at @amyfieldmouse. I’ve been keeping a daily comic diary since for about 5 years, which I use to explore new ideas and experiment with my style a lot, so my comics tend to have a lot of variety! I hope you all like this one,  xin cháo to anyone reading who speaks or is studying Vietnamese! (Teach me something in the comments please! My knowledge is very small but I love the language so much!)