The surface of KHEPRI-3c‘s moon, photographed one month after the Battle of Acheron. An artificial black hole hangs over the horizon, the product of the collision of several black hole-powered starships lost in battle. The moon’s iron-rich crust causes its rivers to run a ghastly crimson.

Battle of Acheron (EY 2743)


The Battle of Acheron, also known as the Ociys Offensive, was part of the HIC-led campaign of the second Interstellar Wars.[1] The battle spanned within the KHEPRI-3 system for approximately ten Earth days,[3] ending in a narrow Pyrrhic victory for the KS Alliance forces and a catastrophic loss of personnel, supplies, and vehicles for all involved parties.[2] Most notable was the loss of five Horizon starships, whose collisions and subsequent cascading failures compromised the shielding of their black hole-propelled warp drives and led to the creation of a new black hole within the star system. The new black hole, colloquially named Acheron after the river in Greek mythology, is predicted to slowly destabilize the orbits of KHEPRI-3 and its planets.[5][6]