Capturing Campus: November

Parking Lot

I miss parking lot you
the you that dashed on concrete
raced in grocery carts
the you that laughed
until you cried
the you that always knew what to say
to ease the angst

I miss the feeling
of beautiful hurt
like pushing on a bruise
or twisting a tooth
with the tingle and ache
that made me fall for you
without stopping

I miss parking lot you
that I’ll never meet
for the first time
or the last

TOLAROIDS: Halloween

Spookiest gallery you’ve seen this weekend

TOLAROIDS: From above

When I was a little kid I always thought that I would one day wake up and be able to fly. It was just a superpower I always wanted to have. Sure, we have airplanes, but they fly so high you can barely see anything. That’s why after I grew up I was happy to discover that I could in fact fly and see the world from above – and last week I got to.

So drones were always cool but I never realized how cool. Last weekend I got to fly above Ann Arbor, I had to get an FAA LAANC authorization for it and fly in a specific zone, it was also very windy and not so colorful anymore. However, we got some pretty nice photos and I thought it would be nice to post something different. I really like the patterns that the landscape and different man-made objects create.




So, technically the photos aren’t even mine, they are Steven the Drone’s .

Partial credit to Linus Hoeller who brought Steven the Drone and put enough faith in me to let me use it.


Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

My Instagram: @akilian.jpg (I promise to post more soon)

Linus’ Instagram: @linus_at  (check it out he has more cool drone photos)