~Sappy Daze~ Day 2

Summer Sun Tastes More 

memorable than mulberries, a fruit 
more known for staining
the sidewalks and chalk 
sketches than its sweet taste. 

Still, I like Autumn better: the smell of 
a pumpkinā€™s pimply skin. Scenes 
of sinking skulls that trick 
children for treats. Screams 
of scattering leaves. The sweet taste 
of fear, the chilly air. 
Feeling the euphoria of fading 
warmth before freezing.

- Sappy

Sagas Among the Arcana: The Lovers

The Lovers: harmony, love, companionship, dependence


Beauty among the rose bushes, come find me. There in the rose bushes, come find me. We sing in different tones, yet they complement. Each other. We find each other among the rose bushes. A petal for your thoughts? In return keep my thorn. By my delicate petal, I’ll be your valiant thorn. Together we’ll be a rose harmoniously blooming in happiness, wilting in sadness. And in happiness again, dispersing our love through wind, water, and gravity. So that more may grow among the rose bushes.




As roads come and go, I’ll wander them with you. Wade through water. Clutch your hand. I want to have your hand. Forever. Two protons break the fusion barrier to be together. One nucleus. Can you handle it? Do you comprehend your ensnarement to me? Eternally. Right now, eternity doesn’t seem long enough.

But let’s make it real here under roosting crows. Soon we’ll find our own place to rest. After all the wandering, wading, and clutching your hand. To be with you.



Making love under the moon. It’s something lovers do. Every time I think I know where you end and where you begin. It slithers from my grasp. You know how to make me focus. On being enthralled by you. Even after we’re tired after hours of vibrant affection. You still turn my head. Roll it against the pillow. To you. The moon rises above you. Ethereal. I can’t help but think the moon must have blessed me with you. As lovers do.





Happy belated Valentine’s <3

Sagas Among the Arcana: The Fool

Welcome to Sagas Among the Arcana! For my fist post of the semester, I’ve decided to observe the first card of every Tarot deck – the Fool.

considering the fool . . .

she is naive, much like a disney princess

I make this observation because look at her!

in both forms, she surrounds herself with animal companions

canines and fish — can she speak to them?

one form in particular lounges like ariel herslef.


so this is my stance,

the fool is a disney princess

with uncharted worlds for her to traverse

a society to learn about beyond the boundaries of her own.


because the fool is one who starts a jouney

and any good fairy-tale must have a wonderous journey.

(Thank you for joining mine)

Decks used: White Numen: A Sacred Animal Tarot & Tarot of the Divine