Study Hal: Week 31 – Dream Destination

Happy first day of classes! Did you enjoy your break? Hal certainly did, but, his transition back to classes was… A little rough. Wouldn’t we all rather be on a beach somewhere? Especially when the alternative is this classic Michigan snow-rain.

Hal and I are sending good vibes for this semester. How was your first day of classes? While it might have been challenging, the bright side is that it’s nice to be back in a routine again. Keep up the great work!

If you’re new here, welcome! Hal is a U-M student studying remotely this year, and graduating with me after this winter! He’s back on Tuesdays with fun adventures, so be sure to check in or to check the Study Hal tag for more.

Study Hal: Week 12 – Cooped Up

This weekend we saw some heavy rain. The rain itself wasn’t all bad. Hal enjoyed the time to take it easy and finish up his book! But Hal’s dog, Sparky, was not as excited. He’s used to playing outside, so being inside all day gave him a ton of pent-up energy!

Finding a bright side can be important, too. At least the rain cooled the weather down. Now Sparky can go out and stay out for longer!

Hal’s a U-Mich student who’s around every week to share his experience this summer. Check out the Study Hal tag if you’d like to see more!

Study Hal: Bonus! Behind The Scenes

Hey friends! Today I’m bringing you something a little different: a behind-the-scenes vlog about how I make the Study Hal videos! The video is a crash course in my process, including how I made the Hal puppet, how I come up with ideas, and timelapse footage of the animation process.

Let me tell you first-hand, there is a huge amount of work that goes into stop-motion videos. As short and silly as Study Hal is, each video takes hours to prep for, shoot, and edit. From characters and props to audio, almost everything in these videos is crafted by someone behind the screen. In the case of Study Hal, that person is me!

I hope you find the video entertaining and that you’re staying well. I look forward to sharing the next Study Hal video with you on Tuesday!

Study Hal: Week 11 – Initiative Roll

Aside from a few essential appointments, Hal’s been staying home for months. This has made him a bit rusty at keeping track of the time. Today, for instance, he almost missed his favorite part of the week: socially-distant Dungeons & Dragons!

Every week, Hal calls his friends and plays D&D over the internet. He brings the music, but they all have costume pieces to match their characters. Hal’s character is a level six wizard named Ignatius Lightsheild. Hal would like to know, what’s your favorite character class to play?

The music this week is “The Red Fox Tavern” by Curran Son. If you’d like to see more of Hal’s exploits, search for the Study Hal tag!