Wolverine Stew: Snow in a Lamplight

It is quiet here, footsteps home

Masked in the flurries of cold I

Cannot fully see but certainly feel

Merging with my face

Crackling like static, like muffled rain

And I walk along the lines of amber light

Watching the snow quickly fall

Into and out of the glow, out of being seen

And yet still it grows into the winter

Morning. I’ll see it through frost

Blooming on my windows

And the snow will become

Blizzards, rain, thawing puddles, clear skies

But for now, it is still

It is quiet here

Capturing Campus: December

Violent Midnight

blurry eyes

heavy face

itching for sleep

that won’t come

because the ball will drop at midnight

shining in a million colors

levitating like a God

among men

the crowd stretches 

blocks away

counting down

destruction in ten



an explosion

ringing ears

ring in the new year

new excitement

five minutes until midnight

and I’m starting to question

the expense, an effort done

just to destroy the ball

why ring in the new year

with violence

one minute












one, it drops

but doesn’t plummet

falls but doesn’t break

why did I expect it to

b r e    a k ?

Capturing Campus: December

Heaven on Earth

are you born from the snow

an angel? 

or something real

phosphorescence, incandescence

I double over at the sight of you

you call my name

I’ll carry you

to the Heavens

we’ll rise

but I’ve forgotten

my back doesn’t come with wings

so you rise while I





all I want is too high

so I lay in the snow

where I found you