Wolverine Stew: Winter Bakery

A fresh crop of withered leaves

Emerge from the unbroken snow

Letting the sunlight engulf my cracking face

It is cold, it is warm, I wish I could stay

Being at peace smells like

Sundae cherries, dirt, and soap

Now, waiting here among thoughts of

Empty chairs and amethyst stones and

Bread I baked last Saturday, long ago

Never tasting quite as sweet as

I’ve heard others say

But I’m happy they enjoy it

It’s been a while since the snow

There is a fog covering the

Lights of the apartment buildings

Floating like makeshift stars in the rain

And there is a warmth in the white fairy lights

And the band playing in the market

And the folks that shuffle close together

In and out of Main Street

There is a song tonight

And I am happy to join it

Capturing Campus: December

In my chest
a raw, flippant beating
taken but breathing
in your smell
frost and rose red
a chill on my skin
just looking at you
petals to pupils
dilate, and my diaphragm
folds at the bend
the arch of your spine
like a branch
your arms enveloping
the moment encased
I wish to stay
forever or longer
with you