When The Road Gets Rough, Make Good Art

As I sat on my rock-hard dorm bed, completely unmotivated to continue on with what I needed to do (homework, homework, and more homework), I came across a comic strip whilst I surfed the Internet. It was titled Make Good Art. It gives off the message that when you are struggling with something difficult in your life, art can be used as inspiration to propel you to do something positive with the negative situation.

I thought about my negative situation: not receiving my new phone in the mail and having to wait another two weeks for it (I know can you spell materialistic and doesn’t matter?). But granted, I’ve been putting all of my anticipation and happiness in receiving this one electronic item, and to my great disappointment it’s going to take longer for it to come. Then, as the tears began to stream down (a little exaggeration, but hey), I mustered up enough energy to read this strip, and suddenly I was enlightened by my situation.

After seeing this comic strip I was really able to put into perspective, not only the good that I have in my life, but also the positivity that art can bring to any bad experience. After this realization my spirits were lifted. I became more willing to be productive and more inspired by the outcome. Not completely saying I jumped right into my mountain of homework with enthusiasm, but I did wipe away the dramatic tears, and I was able to find the vast opportunities that could busy me as I awaited my beloved phone.

Comic Strip credited to Neil Gaiman from zenpencils.com

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